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OrthoGraph I Floor Plan

By OrthoGraph Kft.

This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.


Looking for the most professional tool for creating floor plans? Do you want to finish with your task really fast or you need a very accurate drawing? Do you need reports / calculations on-site? You work alone or in a team?OrthoGraph I is a floor plan survey and creation system built up from a CAD app running on mobile devices. It has reached 35.000+ downloads by now.Are you curious about the app? Take part in our webinar series and see how the application works. Visit we aid your work?ARCHITECTS, BUILDING SURVEY PROFESSIONALS– Create as-builts in minutes electronically – All measurements reflected on the spot, no need to go back to site – No more inaccurate or forgotten measurements – BIM functionality for professional resultsINTERIOR DESIGNERS, CSI, INSURANCE CLAIM ADJUSTER – Measure only those building parts that are related to your task– most important CAD export formats– PDF and XLSX export formats contain all drawing elements with detailed properties, calculationsPAINTERS, ENERGY AUDITORS – Measuring the floor plan with wall openings is very easy – Report shows the exact surface areas, so you can calculate the budget for your work accurately– No more guesses on how much paint will be needed – XLSX export format contains all data necessary, send it to your client in an e-mailCARPENTERS – Not all corners are perpendicular, we now it – OrthoGraph I lets you measure everything accurately, even the curves– Drawings can go into any detail, extending them anytime with new corners or housingsOrthoGraph I is a must have tool for all architects, real estate agents, engineers, energy auditors, construction workers, carpenters, painters or even forensics and for all those planning to renovate their home.The most important features:– Intelligent sketch recognition– Measure walls and diagonals– Leica & Bosch & Stabila Bluetooth laser distance meter support– Different wall thicknesses– Doors & windows, furniture– Everything with customisable properties, attached photos – welcome to the mobile BIM world– Labeling– Location structure & room stamps– Professional output formats – DXF – 2D, IFC – 3D, AutoCAD, ArchiCAD and all the important players– PDF room book with details and renders– Excel output with dimensional data– 3D walkthroughChoosing the right tool saves you time and helps you make money! Survey results can be transferred via e-mail, Dropbox and other services, and further used as 2D or 3D PNG images, PDF room-books, or for pros the de-facto standard CAD formats: native DXF or IFC CAD output (included). The XLSX format contains all relevant data in a well organised document for further work.What we are proud of: 6 years after the first release of our original OrthoGraph Floor Plan App with over 30% of our 20000 users working with our App everyday in 130 countries. We can say OrthoGraph I is a proven tool for professionals and also for individuals. OrthoGraph I turns your mobile device into an intelligent sketchbook with professional CAD functions.Have questions? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We answer all questions! We love our users, the best support is provided!


What’s New in Version 1.9.2

This major update brings many new features to make OrthoGraph I better than ever. – Teamwork – Draw & Measure parallel different part of the same building with your team or co-worker for added productivity and a more optimized workflow. Move faster through a big project while working together.– Object Snap – Snap objects to walls and other objects.– Reworked project manager and cloud sharing UI.– Brand new video tutorials – which are also viewable offline.– Added cloud sync button to main UI.– Improved management of custom properties.– Improved object hotlist, with the most recent item on the left.– Many UI tweaks and performance improvements.Our subscriptions fees have been highly reduced. Be sure to grab yours until 2  January. Thank you for using OrthoGraph I.